June 27, 2002
The Legacy of Ryan and Jacob

About 2 months ago people started recieving an email from two people claiming almost everyone in the world is a fake and giving some cryptic clues about how to find them on the web. After following a 20 step algorithm you get the url: four24.freeservers.com (which is now down and I can't find an archive of it). One person who did see the site had this to say:

" Well, the contents here were so arrogant and snooty, it would hardly be worth the effort to try to communicate. They seem like they would make good fanatics if they had a better ideology. At least they are dedicated to their beleifs, which is more than I can say for most people. Oh well. I'll write them one day if I feel particularly bored or argumentative. :)"

So maybe this isn't very interesting except for the fact that they sent a new email. The email was from Beothukan Aeschynanthus. Beothukan is the language of the Newfoundland aborigonals while Aeschynanthus is a large genus of old world tropical herb. This page has some other names they have sent emails under and what the words mean. I haven't quite decided whether the choice of names has any meaning or if they were just chosen randomly from a word list.

The second email gives you a list of words: perfect, theory, endless, eternal, desire, ambition, driving, perpetual, idea, logical, infinite, dream, final, best, escape, objective, thought, only, logic, clue and asks you to input all possible combinations into a major search engine (order doesn't matter) and one of the combinations will get you to their site. One thing I find funny is that of the search engines they list that will find their webpage, Google isn't one of them :)

Where this will go from here? No clue, but I thought it was interesting enough to pass it on to you.

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Take a look at the Essential Blogging cover and then read what our friend and savior Morbus has to say about it:

<Morbus> jesus. that cats huge
<Morbus> he must be like BrainCat of the Mighty Fat Clan.
<Morbus> "i shall assault you with my large forehead"!
<Morbus> "meowwww!"

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An example of why installing Linux is usually easier than Windows

Scott posted an interesting piece titled Laptops, Linux, Restore CD's and Why I'll Never, Ever Buy a ThinkPad Again. Basicly, his laptop keeps getting fscked and he couldn't get windows installed, happened to try installing Linux and BAM, it worked perfectly :)

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TraceBack in new Moveable Type

Testing the TrackBack Demo.

Testing again to see if it pings twice.

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Moved to Movable Type

I've switched from Radio to Moveable Type and changed the URL of my blog for a number of reasons.

  1. I run Linux and I wasn't happy having to run Windows in VMware just to be able to post to my weblog.
  2. I'll be going on vacation to visit my sister in August and I wanted an easy way to update my weblog while I was there. Running Radio in VMware puts it behind about 3 levels of firewall and there is no guarantee that my computer will stay up. Movable Type on the other hand lets me post to it as long as my webserver is running.
  3. I've been using AmphetaDesk for my news aggregator so no need for Radio's aggregator.
  4. I changed the URL because the previous one would have put the assumtion in peoples minds that I was running Radio.
  5. Oh, and Dave is an asshole

(Regarding #5, here's a screenshot of what Scriptiong News looked like before Dave started editing the hell out of it, even before I got the screenshot he changed "I hate Apple" to "I hate Apple's attitude". I donated $20 for Dave's iPod and I regret it. He really should learn not to post things like this live unless he wants people to see it.)

The real question now is, can I connect AmphetaDesk and Moveable Type? I think I'll go at that this weekend.

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