December 18, 2002
If You're Happy And You Know It Bomb Iraq
If you cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets are a drama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are Saudi,
And your alibi is shoddy,
And your tastes remain quite gaudy,
Bomb Iraq.

Read the rest here.

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December 11, 2002
Broken Record, Broken Record, Broken Record...

Here's a cool Foxtrot strip.

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Technical Difficulties

We've been having some technical difficulties in the US, please forgive us.

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December 09, 2002
Cool Web Comic: Nodwick

Take a look at Nodwick or start at the beginning. There is also some more strips here and here.

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December 03, 2002
The FBI is Watching You

Read the full story.

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