February 02, 2003
Sorry For The Lack Of Updates

Been kinda busy lately. Here's what I've been up to:

  • Working on administering and (post) developing a huge website, (25,000 members, 3.3 million hits a day, 10 gigs transfered a day.) This is really my first large, medium or even small admin job but its real fun, its great to see your bandwidth go down 25% in a matter of minutes because you installed mod_gzip. This is a huge learning experience, but it takes a lot of time and its all I can do to read my aggregator (and I'm getting behind at that).
  • I've also started selling stuff (cds mostly but some books, games and dvds) on Half.com. I listed about 100 cds last night and today and I've already sold 8, and while I'm taking this break to write this I've got 5 cds to wrap and label for sending out tomorrow (trying to start off by being timely with my orders hehe.)
  • I've also cut back on IRC and downloading music because of actually having things to do with my life :)

Now back to your regularly scheduled silence.

Posted by adam at February 02, 2003 09:24 PM