The Mystery of the True White Brother:
an interpretation of the meaning of the Hopi Prophecy
an Interpretation of the Meaning
of the Hopi Prophecy
by Joel A. Wendt
To Michael Franz, whose apparent chance remark led me to the discovery that I had more to say then the original three page article I had originally written about the Prophecy. To Michael Byrne, who was a very special sounding board in the development of certain ideas, and whose financial generosity was a saving grace for me and my family at a very crucial time. And to the night staff at Brookside Hospital in New Hamshire, who tolerated for over three years my being huddled over my portable word processor in the dark quite hours, when the patients were asleep and we best kept ourselves awake by keeping company.

And, of course, to my family, especially my (now ex-) wife Dawn, who had to live with me while I burned with this very strange fire.

To Hopi Grandfather Dan Katchongua, who had believed he would live to see the arrival of the True White Brother; and, to Hopi Grandfather David Monongye, whose dreams were also

denied him. And, as well, to all the Hopi People, whose steadfast preservation of the Prophecy and constant faith-keeping of their ceremonial life has left all of humanity a legacy few will appreciate for its true significance.

Overture: "...through a glass darkly..."/"For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." (1 Corintheans 12)

The Hopi: a few words about the People of Peace

The Idea of Prophecy Considered: patterns in remembered words and events in time, a marriage of ideas and images

The_Hopi Prophecy: the People of Peace wait for the True White Brother to bring Purification and the thematic heart of the prophecy: this "...third event will depend upon the Red Symbol which will take command setting the four forces of nature (meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun."

An Examination of Some Events and the Consideration of Further Elements of the Hopi Prophecy: the age of science, the onlooker separation, and the Romantic resistence: Goethe, Coleridge and Emerson

A Man's Life as an Event (introducing Rudolf Steiner), explorations of the rediscovery of the soul: investigations of the faculties of Reason, Imagination and Devotion and their relationship to Truth, Beauty and Goodness

under construction from here forward...

The "Red Symbol":the Rose-Cross stream, separating myth from fact, the hidden nature of those responsible for mankind's spiritual life and maturation

The "Sun": the Incarnation of the Word, the journey of the Cosmic Christ and His appearence to the Hopi prophets

The Geometry of Thinking: the problem of man's inner life in its relationship to the idea of mind, in its nature as an experience, and its awakening in its 'primal element', the ethereal world

The 'New Age' and the True White Brother: a first look at how it is that the True White Brother and the 'new age' did not connect

Fools of God: (introducing Valentin Tomberg), Christian 'initiates' and the work needed at both (the pole of reason and the pole of devotion) approaches to the act of thinking

The "Stone Tablets": the final sign of the Prophecy, the meaning of and significance of sacred records for pre-literate and literate cultures

The True White Brother and the Social Dilemmas of Our Time: remembering that the 60's were an attempt to reconstruct civilization, and what the Rose-Cross stream has to say about that problem

History as Highest Art and the Drama of the Death and Resurection: how the primal deeds of Cosmic Beings imprint the whole of existence, all form and all process, with their Nature

Rudolf Steiner's Social Message and the Threefold Social Order: chaos and re-creation: the effect of moral freedom on the social life of humanity

The Marriage of Wisdom and life, or, Why Coyote was made a Man: the story of our story, an interlude and appreciation, mysterious hints

The True New Age, the "Information Age": (a first look), the course of civilization as set by the impulses underlying technology

The Redemption of the "Information_Age": (part l: a statement of the problem) the dance with death: technology and social life

The Redemption of the "Information Age": (part 2: an imagination of a solution) the 'two-edged' nature of computer technology, and the rediscovery of the 'word'

The Bill of Information Rights: "law" and the 'information age'

Mystery Consciousness and the Riddle of the Community-Individuality Polarity: "...walk hand in hand and together we'll stand, on the threshold of a dream."

The Purpose of the State, the Role of the People, and the Function of the Media: the threefold nature of the heart of our social life and the redemption of the 'word' through the enlightening and freeing of the heart of the heart of our social existence: the creation of a 'Sun' power in Media

'New_Age' Spirituality and the Epic Spiritual Battle of the '60's: the war for the soul of America and the future course of civilization

The Birth of a Science of Brotherhood or True Psychology: (soul-lawfulness) the initially malformed appearence of the American soul's social genius during the crisis of the 60's

The Christ Impulse: meeting the true Mystery, the meaning of the "I"

Sacramental Thinking: the practice of intercourse with the world of spirit, through active cognition in the mood of the Celebration of the Eucharist

Reweaving the Sacred Hoop: or, Coyote Comes Home, practical problems in the task of incarnating a new social understanding through appreciation of the idea of the stewardship of the 'word'

appendices (having viewed the forest, a short introduction to a few trees...)

1) In the garden of my soul what will I plant? What seeds to lay to bed in the warm dark earth of my nature, there to rest and dream until the light of heaven and the waters of life call forth flowers I cannot yet imagine...a LIST of books for a true modern self education

2) Another cross to bear, another fire to endure; the principle People of the Rose-Cross Stream are called to face their Shadow: A few words about the anthroposophical movement

3) To my friends in the 'new age' and all other Rainbow Warriors: A summary of the leading ideas concerning the 'new age' and the final evocation of the Mystery

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